2nd February 2014 Karate Clinic Under Sensei Maurizio Gerussi from Switzerland

Sensei Maurizio Gerussi from Switzerland holds the rank of 5th Dan Black Belt

On 2nd February 2014 We received a free Course of Karate-Do by Sensei Maurizio Gerussi holds the rank of 5th Dan from Switzerland.
Sensei Maurizio Gerussi 1975, at the age of 17, he began to study Shotokan Ryu (or rather Gigokan Ryu) Karate Do by Sensei Pavao Piacun in his Dojo at the Monbijoustrasse 10 in Berne, Switzerland. The main impulse for his interest in martial arts and eventually the beginning of Karate studies were, as it undoubtedly is for many others as well. In all the years since 1975 he studied Karate Do by the following masters: Pavao Piacun, Ilija Jorga, Bruno Koller, Hiroshi Shoji, Yuji Sato, Koichi Sugimura, Hideo Ochi, Tetsuhiko Asai, Sadashige Kato, Masao Kagawa, Hirokazu Kanazawa and Hiroshi Shirai.
Sensei Maurizio Gerussi he is the President of Swiss Karate Federation.