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Ansaar Karate Club under the leadership of Sensei Mustafa Hussein Ahmed was privileged to host the first ever karate workshop  under Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF Japan) which included clinics, judges & referee’s courses plus gradings in Mombasa - Kenya on the 17th & 18th of December 2016.

Shihan Dr. Azhari Bashir Haroun, a 6th Dan black belt and President of KWF for East and Central Africa branch conducted the two days event.

The program saw the rise of  Sensei Mustafa Hussein Ahmed to become Shihan Mustafa Hussein Ahmed, 5th Dan black belt, an outstanding recognition for being one among the highest ranked Karatekas in Africa. He was also nominated as the Vice President of KWF East and Central Africa branch with effect from the 19th December 2016.

More than 20 karatekas from different Ansaar Karate club sub branches (Mombasa Island, Mshomoroni, Shanzu, Mtwapa, Kilifi, Malindi & Lamu) under Shihan Mustafa Hussein Ahmed rose up to higher ranks as listed below.

Kenyans, especially Coastal Counties should be very proud of such unbelievable achievements made by non-other than their own from the Coast region. We call upon all well-wishers and funs to support Karate  Clubs under the umbrella and leadership of Shihan Mustafa Hussein Ahmed in various ways and capacities in their objectives and in the invitation and preparation for the official participation in the upcoming 2017 KWF world championship to be held in Cyprus.

New Higher ranks (Black Belts)MEET OUR KARATEKAS

The Senseis
  1. Omar M. Ahmed Almafaazy, 4th Dan Black Belt,
  2. Ali Abubakar Mohamed, 4th Dan Black Belt,
  3. Walid M. Timimi, 3rd Dan Black Belt,
  4. Awadh Muhammad Khamis, 3rd Dan Black Belt,
  5. Lutfi Mohamed Issa, 3rd Dan Black Belt,
  6. Khalid Hussein Ahmed, 3rd Dan Black Belt,
  7. Mohammed Tutu Abdallah, 3rd Dan Black Belt,
  8. Abdul Majid Hyder Mohammad, 3rd Dan Black Belt,
The Sempais
  1. Muhamed AbdulKadir, 2nd Dan Black Belt,
  2. Yussuf Saidi Wanyama, 2nd Dan Black Belt,
  3. Jacob Garama Kazungu, 2nd Dan Black Belt,
  4. Muhammad Chengo Kazungu, 2nd Dan Black Belt,
  5. Muhammad Omar Mdasir, 2nd Dan Black Belt,
  6. Swabir Anwar, 2nd Dan Black Belt,
  7. Muhammad JalalKhan, 2nd Dan Black Belt,


New Black Belts
  1. Jamal Mohamed Bakari, 1st Dan Black Belt,
  2. Said Abdallah Hidawo, 1st Dan Black Belt,
  3. Mohamed Imran Qamar, 1st Dan Black Belt,
  4. Abubakar Mohammed Khamis, 1st Dan Black Belt,
  5. Swabir Kassim Mohamed, 1st Dan Black Belt,
  6. Mohamed Jeilan, 1st Dan Black Belt,
  7. Sumeiya Mustafa Hussein, 1st Dan Black Belt.‎