Shotokan was developed in Okinawa, during the early 1900’s, by a man named Gichin Funakoshi. Master Funakoshi combined the most effective techniques of other Karate systems which were practiced at that time. He built upon this foundation and refined his system f training. In 1917, he was invited to Japan to demonstrate his Karate style. Owning to the impressiveness of his demonstration, and to other events which followed, Master Funakoshi was eventually requested to stay in Japan for the purpose of teaching Karate to the Japanese. Master Funakoshi remained in Japan, teaching his art, until his death in 1957. Shotokan Karate is known for its simplicity and effectiveness. One might say that our techniques are based upon the correct application of body dynamics. One also learns to apply patience, discipline, coordination, and balance in concert with the delivering of Shotokan techniques. We emphasize harmonious use of mind and body. At the heart of traditional Shotokan Karate training is the development of one’s character as well as the conditioning of one’s body. We train the mind and the body to function as a team. The disciplines of respect for others, calmness, and perfection of character, are just as important as the physical skills. Even though Shotokan’s powerful techniques can bring very effective results, Shotokan Karate is much more than a form of fighting. It is a discipline. For some, it is a catalyst that impacts, sharpens, and improves all aspects of their life.