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Welcome ToAnsaar Karate Club

Our Club is affiliated with KWF – Karate-Nomichi World Federation (Japan)

The Ansaar Karate Club based in Mombasa - Kenya, has been in existence from years of 1980's. In exchange we teach the Shotokan Karate, providing interested students with the opportunity to train and learn the Traditional Karate. We strive to strengthen body, mind and spirit, perfect character and faithfully transmit the art to future generations. Karate can be practiced by everyone at any age for self-defense.

Shotokan Karate

Understanding Shotokan.


Understanding Kihon.

Shotokan Katas

Understanding Katas.


Understanding Komite.

Karate can be practiced by everyone at any age

Shihan Mustafa H. Ahmed

5th DAN – Karate-Nomichi World Federation (KWF)

Sensei Mustafa has acquired a great deal of respect and recognition towards his exemplary services extended to the East African Community at large and has been able to build a good network across many countries via his students or whomsoever was lucky to have been blessed with an opportunity to his teachings or has had a taste of his hospitality and wisdom. His demonstrated ability and willingness to reach out to people’s various needs has always been noticeable and highly appreciated. He remains an outstanding role model and a unique figure to look upon whenever required and has always held a remedy to most of our day-to-day challenges we encounter; be it physically, spiritually or mentally, health issues, domestic, work related etc.

He possesses a strong interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills. He is flexible, trust worthy, hardworking, very outgoing and dedicated to his deep ideologies and beliefs towards his responsibility to change lives and make the world a better place through bringing harmony, peace, developments by installing good values, discipline and enhance the living standards of others through KARATE DO as one Family.

About Shian Mustafa

  • Karate Journey:

    Interest in Martial arts developed early 70’s during the spread of Chinese movies across the country. By then Shihan Mustafa was a junior boxing champion at school. Unfortunately, there were no Martial Art schools or Karate teachers till mid 70’s when his journey officially began.

    • 1975 : Newly ventured into Karate Do under Sempai Timothy Asingo (the only 1st dan / Highest ranked Karateka in Shotokan by then (Kenyan) and The Late Sensei Mike Scolly 2nd Dan in Shotokan, a British National who frequently visited Mombasa to promote the art. He was the Karate Instructor at the Nairobi Judo College
    • 1976 : Attained 3rd Kyu in Goju Ryu – under JKA
    • 1981 : Attained 4th Kyu in Shotokan under the Karate Do Association of Kenya by Tanaka Sensei
    • 1982 : Attained 2nd Kyu in Shotokan under the Karate Do Association of Kenya
    • 1983 : Attained 1st Kyu under the, Judo Kan FrankFurt, by Sensei Karamitsos (Former World Kata Champion, 3rd position in early 80’s)
    • 1985 : Attained 1st Dan under the Karate Do Association of Kenya
    • 1988 : Attained 2nd Dan under the Karate Do Association of Kenya
    • 1995 : Attained 3rd Dan in Egypt under the African Karate Federation
    • 2011 : Attained 4th Dan under KWF – Karatenomichi World Federation (Sudan)
    • 2016 : Attained 5th Dan under KWF – Karatenomichi World Federation (Japan)

  • Shihan Mustafa H. Ahmed

  • Convert idle time to productivity through learning, discipline and training.

    Ansaar K. C - Chief Instructor Shihan. Mustafa H. Ahmed


  • Achievement:

    • Invited with team to be part of The 8th KWF World Conference and World Cup 2017. Hosted by KWF Malta from 28th Sept to 1st Oct 2017 under KWF, Grand Master Mikio Yahara.
    • Appointed as the Vice President East and Central Africa – Karatenomichi World Federation, as from 19th Dec 2016.
    • Hosted the first ever karate workshop under Karate-nomichi World Federation (KWF Japan) which included clinics, judges & referees’ courses plus grading in Mombasa - Kenya on the 17th & 18th of December 2016
    • Participated at the 5th All African Games in Egypt in 1991
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    • Successfully completed the Referee and Judges course in Egypt under the African Karate Federation Union in 1995
    • Awarded Certificate in recognition as one of the longest serving active member in Karate and Sports activities in the country – 22 years (1972 – 1994) – By Mombasa Judo Club.
    • Awarded certificate of merits for a distinguished achievement in Sports under MEWA – 1990
    • Participated as a distinguished guest cum Chief Judge / referee during the Japan Karate Cup at the Sabasaba festival in 2005, sponsored by H.E Katsuya Ikeda, Ambassador of Japan to Tanzania
    • Appeared on the National Newspapers in various occasions being recognized in his valuable efforts in promoting Karate, sports in general and youth activities across the country and his achievements as a head Instructor
    • He was able to touch hearts, influence people positively and changed lives of many through the Spirit of Karate across East African and the outskirts
    • Contributed massively towards promoting Karate DO teachings, installing discipline and empowering people across East African and the outskirts
    • Individual National Kata Champion
    • Coast Province - 10 consecutive years Kumite champion – individual participation
    • National Team Kata Champion for 8 consecutive years, Sensei Mustafa as the team Captain (1987 – 1996)
    • Coast Province – 5 consecutive years Kata champion – Individual Participation
    • Coast clubs champion ships – 6 consecutive years champions in Kumite and Kata, Sensei Mustafa Ahmed as the team Captain.
    • Provisional Coach for 12 years
    • National Coach for 2 years
    • Technical Committee member of the Karate Do Association of Kenya for 4 years
    • Chairman from time immemorial to date and the Technical Committee member of the CPKA (Coast Province Karate Do Association) for 12 years
    • Was able to inspire many, produce a great no. of 1st , 2nd , 3rd & 4th Dan’s plus anonymous numbers of other grades (Seniors and juniors) who were able to prosper within East Africa and in different parts of the world as well i.e Europe, Gulf, Asia etc
    • Worked for 4 years under Hon. Najib M. Balala during his years of services as The Minister for Sports, Gender and social services.

  • Address:

    Haile Selassie Road - Mombasa

  • Contact Shihan:

    Phone: +254 722 747277
    Email: amustafahussein@yahoo.com


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Sensei's | Group Classes

01:00pm - 03:00 pm
Ansaar Dojo, Mombasa.

Seniors | Group Classes

01:00pm - 03:00 pm
Ansaar Dojo, Mombasa.

Beginners | Classes

01:00pm - 03:00 pm
Ansaar Dojo, Mombasa.

Ladies | Group Classes

01:00pm - 03:00 pm
Ansaar Dojo, Mombasa.

Children | Group Classes

01:00pm - 03:00 pm
Ansaar Dojo, Mombasa.

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06:00am - 09:00 pm
Ansaar Dojo, Mombasa.